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1076 la peña

Milsetentayseis La Peña 2021

Freshness, liveliness and exceptional mineral intensity define this memorable rosé. A voluminous wine with a silky texture, complexity and a long, saline finish. Milsetentayseis La Peña is the recovery of an extraordinary plot. A resounding tribute to the ancestral vineyards and wine culture of Fuentenebro.

Milsetentayseis La Peña is a wine with its own specific identity. Old Fuentenebro vines where different ancestral varieties live side by side. Loose-textured clayey soils with rock fragments made up of quartz, felspar and mica. The small production of La Peña 2021 purely and honestly represents its origin. Freshness, liveliness and exceptional mineral intensity in this memorable rosé. A tribute to the wine culture of Fuentenebro.Milsetentayseis La Peña is the recovery of an extraordinary plot of land. A wine with volume that is silky and very complex with a long and saline finish.

The 2021 was defined by a winter of abundant rain that fomented the plant’s vegetative development. The organic management and the cultural techniques used in the vineyard allowed the vines to grow homogeneously. There was bud in April and no weather or plant health incidents were recorded. The absence of rainfall in summer, with cool temperatures, facilitated the optimum control of the vine’s health. A very strong output was obtained from the vine, with the resulting grapes being of high quality. The La Peña harvest took place on 13 October.

Milsetentayseis La Peña 2021 is the purest reflection of a small ancestral plot of just 0.46 hectares. Old vines that were planted almost a century ago live side by side with different historical varieties that are synonymous with a Ribera del Duero that goes back centuries. Loose-textured clayey soils with an extraordinary mineral wealth that reflects the mining past of Fuentenebro. Mica, felspar and quartz give it is unique character. The La Peña 2021 is a complex, unique rosé purely and honestly represents the identity of its origin. A wine that aims to reflect the maximum expression of these old vines, naturally respecting the terroir and landscape

Milsetentayseis La Peña is made with great care and the utmost attention to detail. The grape, from an extraordinary vineyard, is individually processed to achieve the maximum expression of this small corner of Fuentenebro. During the harvest, the grapes were harvested by hand and transported in twelve-kilogram boxes. At the winery, the bunches of these hundred-year-old vines were gently pressed to obtain the purest essence of each variety. The fermentation and ageing process was carried out over a seven-month period, in 600-litre French oak barrels. During this time, it remained in contact with its lees. To provide greater protection, the wine contains sulphites. It was bottled without being clarified or stabilised in May 2020.